RED CROSS “Choose”,shooted in Barcelona (Spain), with Nacho Gayan as a Director, Agosto Productions as a Production Cie, and Sra. Rushmore as the agency. And Tristán X. Mur as the Production Designer

ALCON DAILLIES,shooted in Barcelona, with Martin Haerlin as a director and Widescope prod. Cie., and The Marmalade (Hamburg). BRAWAND RIEKEN as the agency and Tristán X. Mur as the Production Designer.

CAREFREE + OB,with Claire Edmonson as a director. Widescope Prod. as local prod. Cie and Bandits prod. (Paris), and DDB° as the agency. Tristán X. Mur as the Production Designer.

TOUS “round box”,shooted in Madrid with Belen Gayan and Emma Roberts as the talent. Agosto prod. + LOLA MULLENLOWE as the Agency. Tristán X. Mur as the Production Designer.

JOHNSON & JOHNSON, “Open the aperture”shooted in Barcelona with Cole Webley as a Director and
Sanctuary (NYC), as a Prod. Cie. GOODGATE as the local prod. Cie. BBDO as the agency. And Tristán X. Mur as the Production Designer.

ANTHEM (teaser for feature and video game),shooted in Jaen & Granada (Spain), and Hawai and Vancouver, with Neil Blomkamp as the director, for Oats Studio (Vancouver, Canada), and Benji Films (Paris). With R. Simpson as the P. Designer. And Tristán X. Mur as the local Art Director and D. Seiglan as the French A.D.

HEINEKEN, BOND 007, (Daniel Craig, Talent), shooted in Cardona, Lleida (Spain), with Miles Jay as a Director. For Smuggler (UK), and Pubicis (Italy). 24/7 Barcelona (Spain) as the local Prod. Cie. Robin Brown as the PD, and Tristan X. Mur as the Art Director.

AMAZON (working process), shooted in Barcelona with Good Gate and and Stink for Amazon. Ben Whitehouse, and Tristán X. Mur as the Production Designer.

MASTERCARD (Messi vs. Neymar, soccer players),shooted in Barcelona with Mamma Team Productions, through Landia and Mac Cann as the agency. Robert Llauró as the Director and Tristán X. Mur as the Production Designer.

PEPSI (Mohamed Salah, soccer player), shooted in El Cairo (Egypt) and London, through “The Talkies” (El Cairo), Madam (Ld. UK), and Mediapro Productions (Barcelona), for Mediapro Middle east (Agency). With Eric Will as the director and Tristan X. Mur as the Production Designer.

HEINEKEN (Nico Rosberg), Shooted in Barcelona, through Motel Productions, for Stink and and Publicis (Agency). With Tim Kerrison as the Director. Production Designer: Tristán X. Mur.

FINAL FANTASY (Train attack) (EEUU). Shooted in Barcelona for MZ (Machine Zone) (LA), and THE MILL + through “The Rink Films” (Barcelona). Director: Dave Lawson. Prod. Designer: Tristán X. Mur.

KOHLER FOR KOHLER (EEUU). Shooted in Bucharest for LIGHTHOUSE FILMS (NYC), through “Family Films” (Rumania). Director: Johan Stahl. Production Designer: Tristán X. Mur.

BEKO (TURKEY), Shooted in Bucharest for “Mc Cann”, (Rumania), through Family Films, and Johan Stahl as the Director and , Tristán X. Mur, as Production Designer.

GATORADE (EEUU), Shooted in Manchester, Dormund & Barcelona for “TBWA/CHIAT/DAY”, (Los Angeles), through Sauvage TV, (and Marken Films and The Mob Film Company). Ernest Desumbila as the Director and , Tristán X. Mur, as Production Designer.

I AM (ASSASSINS CREED) for UBISOFT, Shooted in Moroco, for “Insurrection, Film Production Cie.”, (Paris), through “Dune, Film Prod. Service”, (Moroco) and DDB (Paris) as the Agency. Daniel Wolfe as a Director and , Robin Brown, as a Production Designer and Tristán Mur as a Art Director.

SAMSUNG DREAMS (EEUU), Shooted in Barcelona and Gerona, for “PRETTYBIRD”, (Los Angeles), through GOODGATE, (Barcelona). And R/GA (L. A.) as the agency. Max Maklin as a Director and, Ruth De Jong as Production Designer and Tristán X. Mur as the Art Director.

SKODA (RUSSIA), Shooted in Barcelona, for “ZOOM FILMS”, (Prague), through SMILE, (Barcelona). And FALLON (Chekia/US) as the agency. Ben Whitehouse as a Director and, as Production Designer Tristán X. Mur.

SAMSUNG (FRUIT SMOOTHIE), Shooted in Barcelona, for “Sancturary”, (EEUU), through GOODGATE, (Barcelona). And LEO BURNET (US) as the Agency. Cole Webley as a Director and Tristán X. Mur, as Production Designer.

FLORETTE (UK), Shooted in Murcia, for “2AM”, (UK), through SUR FILM CANARIAS Productions, (Canary Islands). And BJL (UK) as the agency. Steve Cope as a Director and Tristán X. Mur, as a Production Designer.

JC PENNEY (US), Shooted in Barcelona, for “S&D”, (US), through WIDESCOPE Productions, (Barcelona). And McGarry Bowen (US) as the agency. Margo Weathers as a Director and Tristán X. Mur, as a Production Designer.

IPHONE7 (3 movies) (EEUU): Shoted in Barcelona for MJZ (Morton Jankel Zander Inc) (LA), trough Widescope

(Málaga). Director: Fredrik Bond. Prod. Designer: Sam Tidmann. Art Diretor: Tristán X. Mur.

DANNON (EEUU): Shooted in Madrid for Soixante Quinze (Paris), trough Widescope (Málaga), for BETC (Paris). Director: Hanna Maria Heidrich. Production Designer: Tristán X. Mur.

POKERSTARS (NEYMAR & RONALDO AS TALENTS): Shooted in Barcelona for “Gravity Road” (London), trough Twenty for Seven (Barcelona), and Niall Downing as a Director and as Production Designer, Tristán X. Mur.

LIGHT (BMW): Shooted in Barcelona for Sterntag Film Gmbh (Hamburg), trough Widescope Productions (Málaga) for SERVICEPLAN (Hamburg). Director: Marc Bethke. Production Designer: Tristán X. Mur.

PENNY (MADRID): Shooted in Madrid for “It’s us” (Berlin), trough Sur Films (Cannary Islands), for SERVICEPLAN & NEVEREST (Münich). Directors: Phillipp Stennert & Cyrill Boss. Production Designer: Tristán X. Mur.

MAX FACTOR: Shooted in Barcelona for Caviar (London), trough LP Services (Baarcelona), for LEO BURNETT (London). Director: Tom Munro. Prod. Design: Dan Betteridge. Art Director: Tristán X. Mur.

RIVELLA: Shooted in Barcelona and Lerida for MarkenFilms (Schweiz AG), trough Sur Films (Cannary Islands), for LEO BURNETT (Schweiz AG). Director: Cole Webley. Production Designer: Tristán X. Mur.

PENNY (MALAGA): Shooted in Málaga for Mr. Boob (Germany), trough Sur Films (Cannary Islands), for SERVICEPLAN & NEVEREST (Münich). Director: Sven Bollinger. Production Designer: Tristán X. Mur.

NET COM: Shooted in Barcelona for EINAR FILM (Oslo), trough Fish Films (Madrid), for DDB Oslo. Director: Eivind Holmboe. Production Designer: Tristán X. Mur.

BISTO: Shooted in Manchester and Leeds. Production Company: MidsEye (London), for McCANN (trough) Fish Films (Madrid). Director: Eivind Holmboe. Production Designer: Tristán X. Mur.

“CHECK-24” Shooted in Málaga (Spain): Local Prod. Cie: SUR FILM CANARIAS. Foreing Prod. Cie: Embassy Dreams (Munich). Director: Rusell Bates. Production Design: Tristán X. Mur.


FEATURE FILM “ALL I SEE IS YOU” Shooted in Bangkok and Barcelona. Director: Marc Foster. Producers: Michael Selby, Marc Foster, Craig Baumgarten. Spain Prod. Cie: MEDIAPRO. Prod. Designer: Jennifer Williams. Art Director: Tristán X. Mur


“GILLETTE YESTERDAY” (NEYMAR AS TALENT): Production Company: TF7//LANDIA FILMS. . Foreign Prod. Cie: Landia Films. Sao Paulo. Robert Llauró as a Director. Prod. Designer: Tristán X. Mur


“LES FURETS.COM” Production Company: WIDESCOPE PRODUCTIONS, S. L. Foreign Prod. Cie: PASSION Lndn. UK.
Agency: VCCP BLUE, Director: Sam Fell, P. Designer: Mark Connel, & Tristán X. Mur as Art Director


“FORD C-MAX” Production Company: TF7, TV, S. L., Foreign Prod. Cie: OUTSIDER, London. Agency: Blue Hive Lndn. UK. Director: Owen Harris. Prod. Designer: Tristán X. Mur


“SAMSUNG, Antipation” Production Company: TF7, TV, S. L., Foreign Prod. Cie: ANONYMOUS CONTENT, Agency: 72ANDSUNNY (Playa Vista, Ca.), Director: Malcom Venville & P. Design: Happy Masse


“SAMSUNG, +MARVEL, One Team” Production Company: WIDESCOPE PRODUCTIONS, S. L. Foreign Prod. Cie: DNA (Holliwood, Ca.), Agency: 72ANDSUNNY (Playa Vista, Ca.), with the Director, Mark Weeb & as Production Design: Laura Fox


“REXONA” Production Company: :  WIDESCOPE PRODUCTIONS, S. L. Foreign Prod. Cie: GREATGUNS Agency: DLKW LOWE. Director: Ron Scalpello and P. Design: Tristán X. Mur


“BOOKING.COM” Production Company: :  WIDESCOPE PRODUCTIONS, S. L., Foreign Prod. Cie: MJZ (London) Agency: WIEDEN & KENNEDY (Netherlands). And as a Director: Dante Arola & as a P. Design: Quito Cooksey

“APPLE – ORANGE, Got it“ (France) for Wanda Films Prod. through Iris Films Productions. With Philippe André as a Director. For Publicis (Paris)


REPLAY HIPERFLEX” (Italy) for Bold Company (London) Through Smile Madrid, Prod. Services. With Justin Anderson as a Director. For 180 Amsterdam (Netherlands)


NKE. Win with her” (EEUU)for Prettybird (London) through Goodgate Prod. Co. Barcelona & Ibiza. With Melina Matsoukas, as a Director. For Wieden & Kennedy (London)


MATCHLESs & FRENCH VOGUE” Photoshooting, with Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott as a photographers, for Across Media Productions. For Shona Eath as a Set Designer, and GB 65 (London) as Creative Agency


ZURICH INSURANCE, Knight” for IPG NLT Prod. Cie. and Fish Productions as a local services prod. With Eivind Holmboe “Salmon” as a Director. For McCann (London & Kuala Lumpur)


PAELLA PARTY in Cannes (France) Lyons. Advertising Film Festival” For Widescope Productions, Twenty for seven Productions, GoodGate Productions, Mammateam Productions and Smile Productions. Design and Art Directon of the event in Cannes, for 800 invited people.


LEXUS NX” for AHFC Ld. London, through Robert Seaquist a Cie. As a local prod. Services Co. With Konrad Begg as a Director.


SKY TV” (Germany), (7 films), for Akita Film, (Milano), through Fish Films Productions (Madrid), as a local production company. Directed by Eivind Holmboe and Service Plan (München), as advertising agency.


GATORADE bibbidi bobbidi boo” (EEUU), for Caviar Prod. (London),through Widescope productions and TBWA as agency. Directed by Arnaud Uyttenhove.


ZURICH, Snowman” (UK), for Mc Cann (London) and Fish Films Productions. Filmed in St. Moritz (Swizterland). Directed by Eivind Salmon Holmboe.

XXL Games & Sports” (Sweden) for Camp David Prod. through Widescope Productions for Schaerven (Stockholm), with Måns Mårlind & Björn Stein as a Directors


MAZDA “HIGHT VOLTAGE” (UK) for ACNE (London) & Widescope Prod. (Barcelona). And JWT London. With Scott Weintrob the Director


“TURKISH AIRLINES” (Kobe Bryan + Messi) for HSI & CP+B (USA), trough LP productions (Barcelona), with Josef Khan as a director.


“AXA INSURANCE” Director: Raf Reyntjens / Agency: Wam / Publicis Paris / Prod. Co.:Caviar Productions / Local Pr. Co.: Widescope Productions / Prod. Desig.:  Tristan X. Mur


“BOUYGUES TÉLÉCOM” Director: Samir Mayal /  Agency:  DDB France / Prod. Co.: Carnibird Prod. Paris / Local Pr. Co.:  Smile Productions / Prod. Desig.:  Morgan Kennedy /Art Direct: Tristan X. Mur


“Mc DONALD’S” Director: Ivan Grbovic / Agency: TBWA Paris / Prod. Co.: Wanda Productions /Local Pr. Co.:  Iris Productions / Prod. Desig.:  Tristan X. Mur


“HEINEKEN THE ODISSEY” Director: Tom Kuntz / Agency: Widen & Kennedy / Prod. Co.: MJZ London / Local Pr. Co.:  Widescope Productions / Prod. Desig.:  Robin Brown / Art Direct: Tristan X. Mur


“DECATHLON” Director: Vincent Labelle / Agency:  BETC (Paris) / Prod. Co.: Soixanze Quin5e / Local Pr. Co.:  Widescope Productions / Prod. Desig.:  Tristan X. Mur


“CAMELOT LOTERIES” Director: Megaforce / Agency: AMV BBDO London / Prod. Co.: RIFF RAFF / Local Pr. Co.:  Seaquist A Company / Prod. Desig.:  Tristan X. Mur


“AUDI RS 6/7″ Director: Sebastien Chantrel / Agency: THJNK Hamburg Gmbh / Prod. Co.: Tony Petersen Film Gmbh / Local Pr. Co.:  Mammateam Productions / Prod. Desig.:  Tristan X. Mur


“Lexus Straight light / LEXUS IS 300h F SPORT” (UK), for Seaquist Productions & Street Light Films and Tag:Belgium. With Konrad Begg as a director.


“Peugeot RCZ”, for Iris Productions & Wanda Films (Paris), for BETC, with Phillipe André as a director.


“Camelot Lotteries” (London), for Seaquiest Productions & Riff-Raff films (London) for AMV BBDO, with Megaforce as a directors


“Orange” (London), for Widescope Productions & Les Télècréateurs and Gorgeous (U.K), with Peter Thwaites as a director


“Martell” (Paris), Widescope Productions & Les Télècréateurs (Paris), and BEING. With James Gray as a director.


“Citroën C-3″ (Paris), for Widescope Productions & Why Us? (Paris), with Christophe Caubel as a director


“Garnier-Fructis Men’s” (EEUU), for Circus (Spain) & Grand Large (NYC) for Publicis Kaplan Thaler, with Mark Tiedeman as a director


“Comoyo” (Norway), (colaboration on the shoting in Norway), for Motion Blur & Anorak (Oslo), with Eivind Holmboe as a director. In working progress with the interior design of the new office of a Production Company in Barcelona.

“Peugeot 301” (BETC & Rita Films), with Marc Schölermann


“Allsate” (Elastic & LAPIZ USA), with Patrick Murphy


“Ford Kuga” (IDENTITY & Team Detroit), with Laurent Chanez


“Luois Vuitton” (Rossy de Palma), with Cyril Guyot & Bandits Paris


“Tine” (YT BATES), for Motion Blur with Eivind Holmboe


“L’Oréal” (Penélope Cruz), with Erick Ifergan & Bandits Paris


“Licor 43” (FJR Werbeagentur GmbH), with Matthias Zentner


“Audi Avant A4” (DDBDO Ag.), with Eivind Holmboe


“Malibu Red” (HSI London/Publicis), with Joseph Khan


“Halls” (RSA films/JWT), with Sean Mullens


“Canon” (Park Pictures/Dentsu America), with Toni Kano


“Dacia” (Les télècréateurs/Publicis), with Rudi Rosemberg


“Avios” (HLA London/101 Ag.), with Simon Ratingan


“Nivea” (E + P Comercial /Draft FTB), with Jason Harrington


 “Video with Shakira” (Proganda Films/Sony Prod.), with Jaume de la Iguana


“Hyundai” (Innocean Worldwide/Outsiders), with Jorn Threlfall

CANON USA“,  for PARK PICTURES NY, EEUU. For WIDESCOPE, with Chris Wilcha as a Director.


ESIKA“, for JWT, PERU. For SOLANES, with Leo Solanes as a Director.


HALLS”, for RSA London, UK. For WIDESCOPE, with Sean Mullens as a Director.


SONY” EEUU. For Propaganda with Jaume de Laiguana.Videoclip LA VIDA LOCA of SHAKIRA


HIPERCOR“, (EL CORTE INGLÉS), Barcelona for COCOA FILMS, BCN. Along with Yasmina Solanes.


LICOR 43“,for GAP FILMS, Münich & MAMATEAM Bcn. With Matthias Zentner as a Director.


LOUIS VUITTON”, with Rossy de Palma in Barcelona for BANDIT’S Paris. For WIDESCOPE, with Ciril Guyot as director.


PARSEN”, SOLANES Prod. For JWT, Perú. Along with L. Solanes as a director.


A. SCHLESSER“, SOLANES Prod. For JWT, Perú. Along with L. Solanes as a director.


AIRWICK”, WIDESCOPE, for Bandit’s Paris. Along with Pascal Dash as a director.


TINE“, for MOTION BLUR, Norway, with VIVI FILMS, BCN. And Eivind Salmon as a Director.


FRUCTIS GARNIER” Shooting & Photo, (Barcelona), WIDESCOPE for WHY US, (Paris), with Les Rojos as the Directors.
Design of Stage Scene of builds it theater for the play “TANGO & NOCHE” of de Dance Company TANGO-EXPRESS. Along with Claudio Hofmann
as Scene Director and Coreographer. Played in Agen, FRANCE, Madrid, SPAIN and Verona ITALY.

FRANK PROVOST”, in Belgium for BANDIT’S (Paris) and 2 SUR 2   FILMS . With V. Jèrôme


CIEL EAU PRECIEUSE”, in Moroco, for VIDEORAMA (Casablanca) and BANDITS (Paris). With V. Jérôme.


NIKE PRO COMBAT“(Francia), EUA, UK for TWENTY FOR SEVEN (Madrid). Photos new campain, set design in Studio.


NEXTEL“, for GARAGE FILMS (Barcelona). Along with J. Sanchez.


MAC BURGUER“, for GOT FILMS (Barcelona). Along with Eivind Salmon.


L’OREAL “EXPLOSION”, with Penélope Cruz, For BANDIT’S (Paris) and SEVEN SENSES, With Erick Ifergan


ETISALAT“, for THE PRODUCERS and MOTHER TONGUE TVC (Egypt, UAE & Saudi). With Eric Will.


SEAT IBIZA”, for GOT FILMS (Madrid) and CZAR (Holland). With W.Gerritsen


ON TELECOM”, For BIG SHOT (Athens) and BOOLAB (Barcelona), With A. Verrastro


MAHOU”, For GOTFILM (Madrid). Along with Eivin Salmon


IKEA”, (Portugal) – For BOOLAB, Bcn. (MIS DOLORES, Lisbon). With T. Costa


NIVEA” (Germany), For BANDIT’S, Paris) and SEVENS SENS, Madrid. With V. Jérôme


ROC“, (France – Spain) – For BANDIT’S (Paris) and SEVENS SENS (Madrid) With V. Jérôme


L’OREAL STUDIO LINE”, (Germany) – For BANDIT’S (Paris) & FILMPOSITIVE (Budapest). With V. Jérôme.

O2 TELECOM” (Germany), for PALM FICTION (Majorca) and  TEMPOMEDIA (Hamburg)


PALLETTE SCHWARKPOF” (Germany), for PALM PICTURE (Majorca) Along with E. Hill


EL CORTE INGLÉS” (Spain), for ESTUDIO SOLANES (Barcelona) Along with Leo Solanes


SOLANO” (Spain), for BOOKER (Barcelona)


DURACELLI” (France), for BANDIT’S (Paris) and THE FAMILY (Madrid) Along with V. Jérôme


NIVEA Beauté” (Germany), for BANDIT’S (Paris) and THE FAMILY  (Madrid) Along with V. Jérôme
Production design and Art Direction in the short film FANATIC, along with Paul Robinson, for LITTLE US FILMS, London.
Design, new distribution and public image for the new fashion fair in Madrid SIMM (Internationas Fashion Week, Fair of Madrid)
for IFEMA, in collaboration with the firm DIALOGUE FASHION DEVELOPMENT, fashion press.
Presentation of the event in the winter season and opening of the same event in summer for the following season ‘06/07 and 08/’09.

Collaboration in advertising films as Art Director and Production Designer:


HEWLET PACKARD” (EE UU) – for Robert SKOOGH (Barcelona)


RAIFFENSEN” (Germany), For TWO TO TANGO (Barcelona) and SABOTAGE Filmproduction (Wien)


ZDF” (Germany), for PALM FICTION (Majorca) and  FLMSTYLER Pictures (Frankfurt)


MITSUBISHI MOTORS” (Dtschlnd), for PALM FICTION (Majorca) and GEHRISCH & KRACK fimlprod. (Fr.)


VODAFONE” (Spain), for BUS PRODUCCIONES (Barcelona)


HYUNDAI” (Korea), for BIG FOOT Productions (Málaga) and COMPASS Productions (Melbourne)


EUROMILLONES” (Spain), for AXIS FILMS (Barcelona)


HYUNDAI” (España), for AXIS FILMS (Barcelona)


O2 TELECOM” (Germany), for AXIS FILMS (Barcelona) and TEMPOMEDIA Filprodukt (Hamburg).
Along with directors such as Stephen Manuel, Frank Schneider, Martines, Agustin Alberdi, Cha Eunteck, Zoran Bihac, Matthias Zettner, and Javier David.
Design of ferial spaces for CRIMSON (Italy) in the fashion fair BREAD & BUTTER (Barcelona)
Design of the event for the presentation of the fair WHO’S NEXT Paris, in Barcelona.

Advertising international campaigns for cinema and TV as Production Designer and Art Director:




“SAMSUNG“, In Málaga (Spain), Ozcam Productions Pry Ltd. ARTMAN (AUSTRALIA)










RENAULT CLIO”, Les Télécréateurs PARIS


REVITAL of SCHWARZKOPF” & “O2“, Tempomedia Filmprodduktion  GmbH HAMBURG








Along with directors–producers such as : Matthias Zetner, Zoran Bihac, Manu Coeman, Anouk Besson, Charley Stadler, Oskar Holmedal, Dario Piana, Park Dae Min, Agus Berruezo, Andy Muschietti, Albert Kodagolian, Mehdi Norowzian, Javier Russ, …
Interior design of BIOCENTER, a chain of restaurants in Barcelona
Set and light design (with J. Escosa as cameraman) in the Tango Opera TANGOMETROPOLIS (Buenos Aires) for the Japanese and French tour.

ART DIRECTOR in Spain for the following commercial international campaigns:


Three, Crayola, Seat, Orange, Nokia, AOL, Danone Taillefine, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes Benz A Class, Fiat Stilo, Toyota, Branca Menta, BBVA, Bimbo, Gas Natural.


Videoclip for Evanescence “My Immortal”
DAVID MOULD/Independent Films, London for Anonymous content, NY.
BRUCE PARRAMORE/Les productions d’Octobre, Paris.
TONY KAYE/BRW Partners for Red Cell, Milan.
JAMIE THRAVES/Stink, Stockholm and Garbergs, London.
PHIL JOANOU/Villains, LA for BBDO, NY. TRAKTOR/Mother and Traktor, London.
BRUCE ST.CLAIR/Tesauro for Tiempo BBDO, Barcelona.
CHRISTIAN LYNGBYE/Stillking Films for Leo Burnett, Prague.

DARIO PIANA/Filmmaster for Colnaghi & Mancian-Springer & Jacobi, Milan.
AXEL LAUBSCHER/Villains , LA for Leo Burnett, Chicago.
OLIVIER VENTURINI/Group Films, BArcelona for Bates, Europe.
JULIO DEL ALAMO/Alamo Films, Madrid for Filmmaster, Milano.
ART DIRECTOR for the sequences shot in Barcelona for feature film “The life of David Gale” directed by Alan Parker. Universal Pictures


Piramide, Group Films, Albiñana, Axis Films, Tesauro, Ovideo, Errecerre International Productions, Rodar Dos, Lateco, Dream Team, Director’s Gallery, Bulldog Films, Outomuro Studio, Bus, Zindara, Saltamontes.
ABROAD: Nos Vos Productions (Paris), Videorama (Casablanca), Schipper Productions (Frankfürt), Tempomedia (Hamburg, Frankfurt)
Within this period and these companies worked with the following DIRECTORS:
Ricardo Albiñana, Joaquim Lorente, Pedro Aznar, Alejandro Toledo, Ian Wilson, Manuel Outomuro, Ian Gabriel, Ricardo de Carvalho, Pep Bosch, Nacho Gayan, Paul Arden, Christian Lingbye, Enda McCallion.

Yes, we do like our work in movies more than anything.
And we spent our life in it. Demostrating everywhere, in all the cases,
all the the situations in all the movies or shooting,
where we were involved, our love for the magic of the movies, for the photography,
for the scenes, sets, locations or places to create a new space, to tell a new story .

Fashion, design, new lines of expression, feature movies, ancient or classic movies, poetry in the image,
colorful or simples and minimal realities: that it’s our life!.
Creating new realities, drawning stories. It’s just what we love to live.

Thanks a lot for trust us…